Our Philosophy on Web Design

Good website design is about finding the right balance between aesthetic design, ranking well in the search engines and ease of use. A website will have a much greater chance of achieving desired traffic volumes and yielding high conversion rates if all three components are satisfied.

  • A website that is not SEO friendly will not rank in the top SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) for your products or services.
  • A website that is difficult to use and poorly designed will not convert to its full potential, even if it ranks well in the SERPS.
  • A well optimised website that is highly targeted and easy to use will rank well in the SERPS, but more importantly it will convert users into bespokeers.

Web Design Guarantee

We pride ourselves on the promises we make and the reputation we have gained for keeping those promises. Our bespoke web design is intuitive, search engine friendly and easy to use.

Search engine optimisation does take time and in most cases it is more costly than the production of the website. The most successful websites get it right from the start and this is what we promise.

Bespoke Web Design

Aesthetic Web Design W3C Industry Compliant
Brand Orientated Design
  • Creative Design & User Interface
  • W3C Industry Standard Mark up
  • WCAG Accessibility Conformance
  • Cross Compatability Testing
  • Functionality Testing
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Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Friendly Web Design Maximize Site Exposure
Onsite SEO Integratation
  • Keyword Research & Selection
  • Competition Analysis
  • Meta Tag Optimisation
  • Content Optimisation
  • Search Engine Submission
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Increase Conversions

Increase Website Conversion Rate Conversion Rate Focus
Usability Testing/Analysis
  • Targeted Visual Hierarchy
  • Call to Action Strategy
  • Concise Content
  • Clearly Themed Pages
  • Clean Navigation
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Bespoke Web Design to suit all Budgets

SEMtelligence offer a range of affordable bespoke web design packages to match your budget. Whether you require a simple brochure website or a custom e-commerce website we can provide the right solution for you.

  Business Starter Business Plus Business Premium Business Total
Bespoke Web Design Features
Number of Pages 1-4 Page Website 5-8 Page Website 9-15 Page Website Bespoke Design
Free .com or .co.uk Domain        
W3C Industry Standard Coding        
WCAG Accessible Design        
Brand Integration        
Website Statistics        
Conversion Analytics        
SEO Friendly Design
Keyword Research & Selection        
Competition Analysis        
Meta Tag Optimisation        
Onsite SEO        
Search Engine Submission        
XML Sitemap        
SEMtelligence Link Management - -    
Hosting Information
Website Hosting (1 year Free)        
Web Server Apache (Linux) or IIS7 (Windows) Apache (Linux) or IIS7 (Windows) Apache (Linux) or IIS7 (Windows) Apache (Linux) or IIS7 (Windows)
Web space 2GB 5GB 10GB Optional
Data Limit 25GB 50GB 150GB Optional
Daily Backup        
Firewall Protection        
Online Support        
Phone Support UK Local Rate UK Local Rate UK Local Rate UK Local Rate
Email Setup
Mailboxes 100 500 1000 Optional
Email Forwarding        
Total Cost: £749 £849 £999 £Ask

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

What to Expect from Our Service?

Experience has taught us that good communication throughout the whole web design process is the only way to ensure that all of your company objectives are fully met.

Once we have agreed to take on a project we will arrange an informal chat to discuss all aspects of the bespoke web design, including:

  • Bespoke Web design structure: what pages and technologies will be required.
  • Keyword selection: which keywords and keyphrases will be targetted throughout the website. Focus is on products, services and profitable search phrases. Our team of SEO experts carry out extensive keyword analysis to determine the top performing keywords relevant to your business.
  • Website goals: what are the objectives of the website, identify the target audience and outline any branding and mind share considerations.
  • Bespoke web design theme: websites are much easier to navigate, understand and obtain information from if each page has content relevant to the inputted search query.
  • Website visuals: images used will contribute to the theme of the website or page. Our team of usability experts will constuct a visual hierarchy with emphasis on above the fold design and 'call to action prompt' placement. The overall colour scheme will compliment the website message and promote brand identity.
  • Website copy: what existing content is available to use on the site. Information from brochures, publications and any other media available are an excellent sources of content.

After agreeing a timeline for the project we begin the web design process; extensive keyword analysis, create the markup code and the visual design. Our clients receive progress updates throughout every stage of the project.

The preliminary stage (prior to launch) is referred to as the testing phase. The functionality and appearance of the website are rigorously tested accross multiple browsers and platforms to ensure maximum performance.

Once testing is complete, the website is approved and published. One year free hosting comes with all of our packages and we offer a website management service if required.

Tips on Choosing a Web Designer

With so many web design consultants offering bespoke packages to choose from how can you guarantee you make the right decision?
Even if you already have a web designer in mind we recommend reading our Quick 6 Step Guide.

1) Communication
Choose a web designer in your local area, unless you require a specialist bespoke web design service. Many of our clients find us via web design North East related key phrases as our web design studios are located in Darlington and Durham. Access and communication are very important. Good communication between consultant and client leads to a better final product or service.

2) Expertise
Speak to the web design consultant, ask any questions or address any concerns you have.

3) Experience
Many website designers have the experience but are they prepared to research your industry and go that extra mile or is it just another job?

4) Design Process
Every web design consultant should have a design process or project cycle. SEMtelligence's approach is listed above.

5) Cost
Do not be fooled by terminology and uneccessary additional website features. These can be costly. Ideally your website should be as good or better than your competitors. Have a realistic budget: if something seems too good to be true then it usually is.

6) Essential Extras
If your web designer does not take SEO into consideration how will your website be found in the search engines? SEO is not rocket science but it does take time. Ask questions: how they structure the mark up on the page? What keyword analysis they do? Are their designs user friendly and conversion rate focussed? A professional web designer should always consider SEO and web usability in their designs.

To enquire about our bespoke web design services please Contact SEMtelligence.

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