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Our Whitley Bay SEO Process: What to Expect?

  • Let's talk about your business & SEO

    If you are local (North East England) then we should meet up and discuss your SEO requirements and expectations. If you aren't local, don't worry, we would love to help so get in touch.

  • Planning for a successful SEO campaign

    Any SEO company worth their salt should be prepared to tell you their plan of action for your website. Best practice is crucial for long-term SEO success. We are transparent, no secrets!

  • Implementing the winning SEO formula

    SEO can take time, patience and always quality above quantity. There is no magic formula, just hard work. We will work within your budget and show you consistent improvement.

Local & National Organic SEO Service in Whitley Bay

Professional SEO Consultants in Whitley Bay

SEMtelligence is a leading search engine optimisation (SEO) consultancy operating in Whitley Bay and throughout the North East. We specialise in organic SEO, local search marketing and SEO for mobile devices. Our objective is to provide affordable, professional SEO to small and medium sized businesses and start-up companies in Whitley Bay and the local area.

We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency, two qualities often misplaced by many SEO companies. Our dedicated, client-focussed attitude and online expertise has helped us define a reputation as a SEO market leader in Whitley Bay and the North East.

Recommended & Ethical SEO Consultants in Whitley Bay

At SEMtelligence we use a variety of ethical search engine marketing techniques to improve website visibility in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). As professional SEO consultants we understand what it takes to achieve high rankings in all of the major search engines, especially Google. Unlike many Internet marketing services our mission is not only to generate targeted traffic for our clients, but also improve conversion rates through website usability analysis and conversion rate analysis (CRA). We do the job very well, as you can see if you read our many SEO recommendations. So if you require SEO services in Whitley Bay, calling SEMtelligence is a must!

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) or website optimisation is the process of writing and coding (HTML) on your web pages making it easier for search engines to index and rank them. SEO also involves communicating directly with other sources of traffic, writing articles/blogs, social bookmarking, earning relevant & quality links, all of the following are common ethical SEO practices.

Most importantly, SEO is about optimising websites for people who use search engines and its fundamental goal is to increase targeted visitors. Always make sure you write for the end user and not the search engines!

SEO Guarantees & First Page Results

As well as providing SEO services in Whitley Bay and the North East we also work with many clients throughout the UK. We have achieved first page results for every one of our clients, and although we deliver great results we never guarantee first page results! This practice is regarded as highly unethical and we strongly recommend staying away from any SEO company that is prepared to offer guarantees in order to secure your business.

We like to think that SEMtelligence should be your first choice when deciding which SEO company in Whitley Bay to work with. Even if you have an SEO consultant in Whitley Bay in mind we urge you to give us a call first. Afterall, our SEO analysis and helpful advice is free so why not take advantage of it?

No SEO Contracts or Set-up Fees

- We do not tie our clients into contracts. We are extremely confident that the SEO work we do will speak for itself.
- We do not charge any SEO set-up fees.
- All SEO services and prices are agreed before any work is done. There are no hidden charges.

All we ask for is patience. SEO is not a quick fix and it can take a minimum of 3-6 months before you see any changes in the SERPs. Search engines use sophisticated algorithms that rely on trust, therefore SEO must appear to be a natural progression otherwise your website could be penalised.

Tips on Choosing SEO Consultants

Make sure you choose an SEO company that is trusted and has been recommended by many people, don't be scared to ask questions, you are spending your hard earned cash at the end of the day! SEO consultants should never guarantee a number one position or a first page result on Google. Knowledgeable SEO consultants should have no problem achieving first page results for most search phrases. It is perfectly acceptable for SEO consultants to guarantee that they will make your website as search engine friendly as possible. Position or ranking guarantees usually originate from salespeople with demanding targets to reach rather than seasoned SEO professionals.

Similarly, avoid any SEO consultants that claim to be calling from Google, working with Google or affiliated with Google in any way. They are not. A simple rule: If it seems too good to be true then it usually is.

SEO consultants should be willing to answer questions and offer advise. Some useful questions to ask an SEO consultant you are thinking of using include:

- What SEO best practices do they follow?
- How would they increase link popularity for your website?
- What keyword research methods do they use?
- Do they research competitors websites?
- How would they improve our PageRank or TrustRank with Google?
- What HTML changes will they make to your website to increase visibility in the SERPs?
- Do they offer a website analytics and how do they track website progression?

You are not being pushy by asking important questions, you are being smart! Also, ask SEO consultants to provide a written reference or some examples of websites they have worked on. If you need reassurance then that SEO company probably isn't right for you.

What to Expect from SEMtelligence?

Website Goal Definition & Targeting Monetary Pages

It is fundamental that we connect your website with the goals of your business. SEO is as much about achieving high rankings as it is about converting users into customers. We develop a targeted strategy to maximise traffic volumes to monetary pages. Monetary pages are the pages where the goal conversion takes place. Website goals include aspects like:

- Purchasing a product.
- Making an enquiry.
- Viewing a certain page on the website.
- Subscribing to a mailing list.
- Commenting on a blog.
- Phoning a sales number.
- Changing the viewer's mind on a topic.
- Finding information.

Keyword Research

The object of keyword research is to determine the phrases that pay i.e. the ones that yield the highest ROI. Keyword research is vital and should be based on fact and not assumption. Successful SEO campaigns live or die by their keyword selection so if you get this wrong the rest of your SEO efforts will be in vain. There is no one-size fits all approach to SEO and no two campaigns are identical.

Gut Instinct vs Keyword Selection

Typically, gut instinct can be useful when it comes to product-related phrases or searches that imply local intent. For example, what keywords could you use to find this page on Google? Without any keyword research we can use our gut instinct to predict likely phrases:

- SEO Whitley Bay
- Search engine optimisation Whitley Bay
- SEO services Whitley Bay
- SEO consultants in Whitley Bay
- Whitley Bay SEO services
- SEO company Whitley Bay
- Whitley Bay search engine optimisation

Although gut instinct is a good starting point, when performing keyword research you cannot beat the facts presented by keyword research tools.

Competition Analysis

We always analyse the competition. Competitor's websites offer an invaluable insight in to what is working for them. Although they do not always get it right, they do provide the benchmark for your SEO campaign.

Onsite SEO

On-site SEO or on-page SEO refers to all of the techniques that you can use on your website (editing web pages and files). This can only take place once we have identified all of your target keywords. On-site SEO is regarded as part art and part science. It involves structuring your HTML code and writing engaging copy for users. Some of the on-site SEO elements include:

- Page titles.
- Page meta data.
- Heading tags (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6).
- Great content.
- Website navigation and weighted internal links.
- Alternative text tags (alt tags) and naming images correctly.
- Use of special text.

Offsite SEO

Off-site SEO or off-page SEO refers to all of the techniques you can use to get other website owners or Internet users to cite your website as an authoritative source. Simply put, Google love links from quality resources.

Our Link Building Techniques

We never use link farms or link submission software. All link building or earning is natural and the emphasis is always on quality over quantity. Some of our link building methods include:

- Article marketing.
- Press release marketing.
- Links from topical and relevant resources.
- Social media bookmarking.
- Blogging and blogger outreach.
- Viral marketing.

Why Choose SEMtelligence?

SEMtelligence are search engine marketing professionals that understand the fine balance between search engine optimisation (SEO), website usability and website accessibility.

Search engine marketing (SEM) or Internet marketing directly affects the profitability of a website. We know how to succeed online so if you are serious about getting your website found, and you should be, please get in touch.

Our Internet marketing service includes professional SEO, social media optimisation, responsive website design and much more. We are affordable SEO consultants with an holistic approach to SEM giving us the edge on most other Internet marketing services.

Local Search Marketing, Mseo & Organic SEO in Whitley Bay

SEMtelligence specialise in all types of SEO for local businesses including local search marketing, SEO for mobile devices and organic SEO in Whitley Bay. All types of SEO involve completely different strategies, so give us a call and see how we can help.

Choose an SEO Consultant Local to Whitley Bay

We recommend that any business operating in Whitley Bay should hire a local SEO consultant or a local SEO company to do their SEO work. Our SEO studios are based in Sedgefield so we are perfectly situated to work with clients in Whitley Bay.



Good communication between SEO consultant and client can simplify the SEO process. Some SEO projects are complex and involve frequent face-to-face meetings. Working with a Whitley Bay based or local SEO agency like SEMtelligence will make life much easier as we are virtually on your doorstep.

The Internet Today

Successful relationships are built on trust. Some of the above factors outline the importance of choosing the right SEO service in the Whitley Bay area. As well as being SEO experts we also offer social media optimisation, e-commerce and responsive website design in Whitley Bay. Today, website redesigns are common as businesses attempt to keep up with the ever evolving web technologies. Web design and SEO go hand in hand. With our skill set we firmly believe that we will provide your business with the best possible future online.

If you are looking for SEO in Whitley Bay or any other service please contact SEMtelligence.


Choosing Lee and SEMtelligence may be the best decision you make this year.
Ben Smith - UK Property Works
5 Star Review

Finding SEMtelligence has been one of the best business contacts we have made since starting up. Finding an ethical, down-to-earth, friendly and highly interactive SEO master is no easy task. I searched high and low (was put off by lots of 'fancy talk' and high prices from other prospective SEO guys I was looking at working with) and in the end chose Lee because of his transparency, both in his costings, and in his expectations of what he could do.

Lee originally caught my attention by giving me a clear plan as to what we were going to achieve, and in what time frame. Most other SEO guys were not able to do that. He under-promised and massively over-delivered. He has been a pleasure to work with, and I will certainly be working with him at every opportunity I get. He has taken a brand new website of ours, and ranked it very quickly on Google, achieving position 1, page 1 for one of our keywords, and achieving fantastic results even on highly competitive keywords.

This guy really knows his stuff and if you are confused on anything or not sure what to do next, he always makes himself available to talk you through it and make sure that you are clear. Lee is very passionate about what he does, and I really could not recommend him highly enough to anyone that wanted to:

- Boost their Google ranking.
- Optimise their homepage.
- Completely overhaul their website.
- Build landing pages.
- Add key word rich content to their site.
- Understand back links and how to use them.
- Utilise Facebook pages.
- Use social media as a whole.
- Build their online web presence ...and on and on.

If you need any SEO work done, whether you are a large company, or a business start-up, and anything in-between, choosing Lee and SEMtelligence may be the best decision you make this year.

Highly recommended SEO company.
Duncan Malloch - Portrait Wedding Photographers
5 Star Review

Lee has carried out excellent web work for Portrait Wedding Photographers for over 5 years. He is on the end of a phone, but more than that, he will come to see you face to face to discuss your needs and work out a great solution. Highly recommended SEO company.

Great job optimising my website.
Tim Stewart - Tim Stewart Photography
5 Star Review

SEMtelligence did a great job optimising my website. They were flexible, able to follow my brief without problem, very easy to get on with and he charged a very reasonable price for SEO. Thanks Lee!

Excellent SEO knowledge and high integrity.
Andrew O'Connor - The Bathroom Company
5 Star Review

Having found out the hard way how difficult it is to get behind the jargon that is SEO and find someone who speaks in plain English and actually knows what they are talking about, we found Lee France and SEMtelligence to be a breath of fresh air. Lee is very personable and has excellent knowledge of SEO and websites in general and has already made a vast difference to our traffic and marketing strategy. We look forward to working with Lee in the future and have every confidence in recommending him to any small business or larger organisation.

Great SEO results, personable and good value.
Rick Lace - Total Secure Automation Ltd
5 Star Review

Worked with SEMtelligence for the last few years and don't have a bad word to say about them, work is of a very high standard, very professional, quick, good value for money, highly recommended, looking forward to a long working relationship.

Highly recommended SEO from a company you can trust.
Martin Cymbalist - MCP Images
5 Star Review

Lee France has helped in maintaining my website and its high ranking for many years. He is one of the very few people that I can rely upon to get the job done. I have, with much pleasure, recommended Lee many times in the past for his SEO and will continue to do so.

Nothing but wonderful.
Martin Greenhalgh MD - Modern Weddings Limited
5 Star Review

I would like to give my sincere thanks for the excellent service that you have provided in the last 3 years. The rankings are now fantastic on Google and for all my local areas. The SEO work carried out by Lee France for my company was nothing but wonderful and I would recommend SEMtelligence to anyone wanting to use their services. I can not thank you enough.

Commitment is second to none.
Darren Smylie - Urban Electrical Services
5 Star Review

SEMtelligence were recommended to ourselves by a business partner who had doubled their enquiries through their work. Since using them, we have also increased our workload and have been very impressed by their attention to detail and commitment to our business needs. Fantastic SEO company!

Best advertising I've ever done.
Chris Cummings - Cummings Plumbing
5 Star Review

Most of my business comes from the Internet - I've had a first page result on Google for the last 6 years, all thanks to Lee Frace and his SEO team. This is the best advertising I've ever done and ever will do.

Fantastic job from start to finish.
Andrew Coulter - Andrew Coulter Photography
5 Star Review

Lee France at SEMtelligence has done a fantastic job for me from start to finish. I completely trust his judgement, and I am especially pleased to work with him, especially after some of my previous experiences with other SEO companies. He is extremely personable, and I would not hesitate to recommend him in a instant. Thanks again for all you hard work.

Truly stunning from start to finish.
Brenden Ward - Brenden Ward Photography
5 Star Review

SEMtelligence worked with myself to create a totally new website to target a particular area. The results are truly stunning and very professional. From the time I asked for the site to be started to the time finished the service received was excellent and very professional. I would recommend them to any clients looking for 1st class professional website design and SEO.

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